Internet Child Security and Safety

The Internet has been one of the most revolutionary items to ever come to the public forum.  It has changed the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we share interests, and the way businesses do business.  However, for all its wonder, the Internet can also come with some danger for the uninformed and the innocent in our society. 


Child Safety Online

Internet Child Safety and SecurityTaking steps to ensure your child’s safety while they are online is a relatively new, but extremely important parental responsibility.  Many of the parents we talk to feel overwhelmed by today’s technology and feel helpless to combat the threats their kids may face online.  In addition, many feel there is no time to adequately address the issues because of the hectic schedules caused by their long work days and endless demands of their children and community responsibilities.
Others we have talked to feel that monitoring their children’s online activities amounts to spying on their children; that they are invading their privacy.
 To both of these, there is a simple but harsh truth:

“You can take control of the situation or someone else will take control of it for you!”

While we want to trust our children, we also have to keep in mind they are just children.  They do not have the life experience that you have, nor will they likely recognize a threat presented by a seasoned predator.  As a matter of fact, most predators are experts at identifying targets and convincing the children not to divulge details of their relationships to their parents.  They can often create a distrust of the parents while at the same time building a trust between the child and the predator.
Luckily for all of us, there are a lot of technologies available to parents today that help parents easily manage their children’s online experience.  There are a number of programs that will not only monitor online activities but will also block unwanted content.  Most of these programs can be configured to automatically block thousands of pornographic sites and their related content, block file downloads, and restrict access to chat and instant messaging. 

Call CDP today to find out how we can help you keep your kids safe online.  We have information and tips on practices and programs to keep you safe.

Just as your kids need to be safe online, so do you.  Many parents wander haplessly online not realizing some of the dangers they may face, or scams they may run up against as they surf online.  Call us to find out more about how CDP can help protect you and your identity while online.

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