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Wireless Internet and Networking


 We Offer The Following Services:

  • Network Set-Up & Support
  • Shared Network Resources
  • File Servers
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Networking
  • Wireless Internet
  • Wireless Hardware Set-Up
  • Networking Hardware Set-Up

Network Setup & Support


Chandler Data Professionals can build and maintain your office and home network to make you more productive. Whether you have 2 computers or 2000 computers, CDP can build a network architecture to meet your needs. Our professionals will work with you to develop the best options for getting your resources working together.


Shared Resources

A properly designed and configured network allows you to seamlessly communicate with all of your office machines and devices, and accomplish more from your computer. A properly formed network allows users to easily move files from machine to machine, share files and folders among the users or on servers, allows multiple machines to print, fax, and scan from shared machines, and allows the users to access common applications, such as company databases.


File Serverscomputer server services

Do you need a file server for your small business or your home? We can help! At today’s prices, you may be surprised how economical a good server can be.



For your business: CDP can build you a file server or application server that allows everyone in your office to share important documents and resources. Our servers give you the convenience of easy access for you and your group, a centralized depository for your company documents, the added security of a single security choke point, and data redundancy in case of system failure.

For your home: CDP can build a high-capacity and high-performance server to store all of your music, pictures, and videos so that you can centralize your media collections. Imagine all of your favorite music, family photos, television shows, movies, and videos, at your fingertips, for viewing on your widescreen, as well as, any computer in your home. Like our business servers, our home media servers give you the convenience of easy access, a centralized depository for your various media files, and the added security of data redundancy in case of system failure.


Network Security

Perhaps one of the most challenging areas for businesses today is data security. There are nearly 1 billion Internet users worldwide. And, as with any population, there is a certain percentage of the users who are up to no good. The people who look to steal your company’s data are sophisticated and relentless. They seek customer information for identify theft, company secrets for extortion or sale to competitors, or they look to see what harm they can cause just for fun.

Nothing can be more devastating to a business these days than losing the personal information of your clients to an illicit attack. New laws to protect consumers have put companies on the hot seat when it comes to data security. A single publicized incident could have disastrous effects on your business future.

Chandler Data Professionals can work with you to secure your data. Don’t fall victim; let Chandler Data Professionals help secure all your vital information.


Wireless Internet and Networking

Thinking of going wireless? Wireless networks can be great for the business and the home. They allow you to use your laptop wireless networkingpoolside or from the company lunchroom. Wireless really gives you freedom and many added networking options. However, as with any other network, failure to properly secure and configure your wireless network can result in a number of negative downsides.

An open network can give strangers open access to your computer and devices, as well as, allows strangers access to your Internet connection. This gives strangers, looking to conceal their identity, the ability to access forbidden and illegal content while publicly appearing to be in your home or business.

CDP can ensure your wireless network is secured to prevent unwanted visitors from attaching onto your connection. We can help you understand and set up an encrypted connection and restrict access to your computer(s).

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