Wireless Networking and Security

Wireless Networking has become a must-have for homes and businesses who want to be able to have computers and laptops attached to their network without having to run wires everywhere; and, with laptops, without the constraints of being stuck in a single location.

A properly configured wireless network allows users to access the Internet, printers, scanners, servers, and other resources wirelessly, and from anywhere within range of the wireless router.

However, proper configuration is important, as an improperly configured wireless network can leave you open to attacks and data theft. All someone needs to do to access your unsecured network is to be close enough to your house or office (street or parking lot) to receive your wireless signal.

Chandler Data Pros will setup and configure your wireless network so that only you, or someone you authorize, Wireless Networking Security Servicescan access your network and see your information and devices. In addition, we’ll configure your printers, scanners, or other devices so anyone on your network can share the device.

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