Computer Upgrade Services

We can upgrade your computer saving you the cost of having to purchase a new one. Our computer / PC technicians can upgrade your computer to your specifications, call us today to get your computer performing at its best!
Here is a list of just some of the computer / PC services that we offer, for complete computer / PC services and upgrade capabilities call us and we will be happy to answer your computer or PC upgrade questions.

Upgrade or Replacement of Computer Components:

  • Upgrade or Replacement of Hard Drive / Disk Drive
  • Upgrade or Replacement of CD or DVD Drives
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Video Cards
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Sound Cards
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Motherboards
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Power Supplies
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Memory / RAM
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Network Cards
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Monitors
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Keyboards / Mice
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Computer / PC / Fans
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Other Add-In Cards
  • Upgrade or Replacement of Electrical Connectors
  • Plus Many Other Computer Component Upgrades

Chandler Data Professionals Upgrade and Service TechnicianWith the speed and power of today’s PCs, there is a good chance that your Computer or PC will last you for years to come, especially if you are not into heavy gaming, video or graphics. Most people who use their PC or Computer to do their personal accounting, surf the Internet or the web, email, write word documents, or work with small spreadsheets or similar type of work, may not need a new computer or PC for quite a while. For the most part, you may not be maxing out the capabilities of your PC, but in time you might want to improve upon some of your computer / PC components such as, installing a second hard drive, or replacing your current hard drive with a larger one. Maybe your computer has a built-in sound card but you want something with more power and better sound; maybe the video card is built into the motherboard or was a lower line video card when you purchased your new computer and now you are looking for better performance, well you may not need to go out and spend a ton of money on a new computer or PC to get that performance.

Simply upgrading the video card or sound card on your existing computer or PC can create dramatic improvements in your computer or PC performance and response. Doing a memory (RAM) upgrade is another inexpensive way to drastically improve the performance of your computer or PC. Upgrading some of your computer or PC components can increase its performance by offloading the tasks of rendering better video or sound to the processors that are built into the upgrade computer / PC component. Upgrades like this can be done a little bit at a time, allowing you to upgrade your system at an affordable price and at your pace.

Chandler Data Professionals Upgrade and Service TechnicianAn example of how to gain a huge performance boost; Add 1GB – 2GB of RAM (Memory) to a computer or PC running Microsoft Windows XP Home or Pro, in which that computer only has 256MB of RAM. This allows your computer’s processor to manipulate the data as it sits in the faster RAM Modules (Memory), as opposed to getting the data off the hard drive (which is drastically slower) manipulating part of that data, then storing it back on the hard drive as it gets the next chunk of data. Simply put, RAM (Memory) is just plain faster and by adding that memory to your computer your computer will perform much faster.

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